Android 5.0 Lollipop version features | How to Upgrade My Mobiles/Tablets With Android New 5.0 lollipop Version

Google Release Android lollipop 5.0 Version for Mobiles & Tablets
Upgrade with Android L Version (Download Android Lollypop Version)
Google Android Lollipop 5.0 new version finally released on Wednesday (15/10/2014) .The Company also launched the platform lead devices for Android 5.0 lollipop ,namely the Nexux 6, Nexux 9 and Nexus player. The search engine giant Google added several new features to Android 5.0 lollipop version. Below we share some unique features with related images of Android 5.0 lollipop version for Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Grow Up Forex Trading Profit by Exploring Some Basic Forex Trading Tutorial

Forex Trading Primary Education
So, You are very New in Forex ? And want to know some basic Forex Education before starting your Trading life. If yes, you choose the right platform and website. Actually nothing is impossible in life. If you have strong will and determination, you can earn huge online money just by doing few hours Forex Trading. But, before you start read all basic tutorials about the market. We will bring all basic Forex Trading concepts by our published website post. Syllabus of the 1. Meaning of Forex, 2. Who is the Owner of Forex Market, 3. Differences between Stock Trading and Forex Trading, 4. What is PIP, 5. What is Spread and 6. What is Support and Resistance Level

Forex Basic Tutorial ! Fundamental Knowledge About Currency Trading Market

Are you a newbie in Forex Market ? Want to start your Online Forex Work soon ? Before opening a real Forex trading account, you should have to learn many basic fundamental knowledge about Forex market . Hope you know that Forex is world largest liquidity market with daily trending volume over $ 2 trillion (USD). Generally investors like forex market because of its high liquidity, low transaction cost, low entry barrier and 24 hours market opening (except Saturday and Sunday-weekend) . Here we share some basic Forex tutorials. Must read and share to be a successful Forex Trader.

1. What is Forex :-
Forex or FX stands for Foreign Exchange Market. It's usually used for mutual exchange of freely convertible currencies. Forex is an international inter bank market. The spot Forex market is a 24 hours (24*5) international market where operation are carried out through such institution such as Central Bank, commercial Banks, investment banks, Forex Brokers and dealing centers, retirement fund, insurance companies, transnational companies etc. In the Fx market there has no restriction on short selling which means that a trader buy or Sell any currency pairs at a time. Trade can act on Forex market only via any financial intermediary (a bank or an exchange broker) . Such company execute forex trading operation for a certain percentage of transaction operation which is called as spread .

2. What is PIP ?
'PIP' stands for 'Percentage in Point'. Actually , a PIP is a smallest price movement of a traded currency pairs. You can also call it as 'point'. PIP is very important in Forex Trading because calculating of profits or losses. Fore all major currency pairs, PIP generally calculated as 0.0001 or 1/100 of a cent. Beginners always think that it is very much low volume. But actually not. For instance, Suppose you trade on EURUSD currency pairs. You open a BUY  (1 lot) position at 1.3650 points . After few minutes the pairs moves to 1.3665. Then you close your positing . That mean you get 15 PIP profits. As you bought only 1 lot in US $. So your profit is $ 15.

3. What is Leverage ?
Leverage is a financial tool which are generally used by Forex/Stocks brokers to calculate exposure to point their actual investment. You may understand better if we share an example with you. Think, you invest $ 100 to your real forex trading account. Now, you want to trade on EURJPY counter. If, your broker give you 1:10 leverage, that mean you can BUY/SELL 10 times larger than your actual investment.

4. Major Currency Name and Symbol :-
Without knowing a currency name and it symbol, how can you trade on Forex ? So that , here we like to share some major and popular currency names. Generally currency has three letters. The first two letter denotes name of the country and third letter stands as country's currency. The currencies which the majority of trades focus called as "majors". Check below
United States
Great Britain
New Zealand

For you information that "major pairs' mean such currency pair where USD is a part , like EURUDS, GBPUSD 

And, 'Cross Pair' mean that where USD not a part like EURJPY , GBPJPY

Be a Successful Forex Trader by Following Some Important Forex Trading Guidelines/Rules !

A common general question always hike to every Forex trader's mind that "How to be a successful Forex Trade ?" or "How to increase Forex Trading Profits ?" . Here we are trying to solve your common problem by exploring some very essential 'Forex Trading Guidelines/Rules'. At first , you all have to learn 'What is Forex meant ?'. The answer is 'Forex stands as Foreign Exchange Market'. Its also call as currency trading market . Traders generally trades some favorite currency trading pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD etc) ahead of a trading terminal.

United States Latest Non Farm Payrolls Report (Jobs Data)

US Unemployment drops 6.6% from 6.7%
Unites States (US) Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) published Latest Nonfarm payrolls growth report for January, 2014. It's clarify that U.S add 1,13,000 new jobs in January and the overall unemployment rate fell to another post recession low . But, the place of new jobs slowed over the few last months. (Check the above chart). In past December, 2013, U.S economy add new 75,000 jobs hiring due to bad weather. This time again it slower and below expectation. Economists saying that due to sudden freeze in in hiring in healt care industries, the problems arise unexpectedly. On this economic session health care providers cut jobs on record , raising questions about whether the roll out of Obamacare is rolling the industries.

After the publication of latest job report on net , Forex market react drastically. US Dollar index moves to south zones , for this reason, all USD related counters like EURUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD moves upper side. The technical analysis showing that the up movements will continue for next week also.

Source: Market watch

Why eDomz is the best CPC Pop-up Advertisement Network for Website Publishers ?

eDomz Payment Proof for September month 2013
Website publishing or Blogging now become one of the most famous Online earnings methods through out the World. Webmasters always try to input some Advertisement codes on their webpages to earn some extra money online. Actually it's purely like a 'Home Base Internet Work' . However, there has many advertisement agencies who offers affordable CPC, CPM, CPL, etc rates for website publishers. Today , we like to discuss about One of the largest CPC Pop-up Advertisement network 'Edomz'. The slogan of eDomz Ads network is 'High Quality is our Priority" .

How to Write a Successful Blog Post For Higher Search Engine Visibility ?

7 important Article Writing Tips 
Hello Blog Writers. At first , i like to Congrats you for your new blog. Blogging is not only important for its higher financial value, it also increase your social communication with the earth. To be a successful blogger , you should have to maintain your blogging posts. Are you looking for some valuable tips which can improve your blog posts quality ? If yes, you are in write place. Here i mention some very valuable and necessary blogging tips which can turn your blog posts to higher and greater search engine visibility.

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